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Graduate Diploma in Management
Graduate Diploma in Management

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The Graduate Diploma in Management is made up of four courses.

If you apply for the whole programme you will receive your study materials and tuition service for all four courses.

Our tuition service is also available for individual courses. This may be useful if you wish to enhance your knowledge in a specific area of your studies. You can register for additional teaching support directly through our website. Please ensure that you are already enrolled onto one of our Graduate Diploma programmes and have your student number ready, so we can check your eligibility.

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  • Business Management in a Global Context
    This course gives you a research-based grounding in the context of international business, including globalising trends, formal and informal institutions, the political, economic, social, technological and legal issues and the resultant diversity of international business. It aims at preparing students to be able to discuss cultural, ethical and social issues for international business and suggest policies of corporate social responsibility. It provides an introduction to, and develops the ability to assess international trade and investment, multilateral organisations and regional integration and the global financial system. The course prepares students to be able to discuss how firms develop international business, marketing and R&D strategies, enter markets and alliances, and operate and manage on the global stage. It gives insight through frameworks, studies and examples of how businesses manage organisational structure and architecture, sourcing and the supply chain, information systems and human resources, in different parts of the globe, globally, regionally and domestically. It also gives students an insight into the contexts of international business and enables to work within these contexts to make judgements on strategising and managing operations in the global economy.
  • Core Management Concepts
    This course provides a thorough grounding in the key management sub-disciplines. It gives an overview of the development of these disciplines and illustrates the disciplinary anchors of these disciplines in sociology, psychology and economics.
  • Human Resource Management
    This course is about Human Resource Management (HRM) strategies, policies and practices. It examines the approach taken by commercial firms and other organisations to recruit, retain and motivate their employees. It demonstrates how the social sciences can assist in understanding the management of human resources; and to examine and evaluate human resource policies and practices of organisations. The course helps students examine the different theories which try to explain the relationship between HRM and organisational performance. It develops the ability to analyse and critically evaluate HP policies and practices.
  • Principles of Marketing
    This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of marketing and marketing management. The approach taken in this course will enable students to gain a broad understanding of the theoretical and practical issues surrounding marketing decision making. It explores the relevance of other academic disciplines to marketing and encourages students to question the limitations of marketing management and to suggest ways of overcoming its many problems. The course will help students to develop practical skills by applying learned theories to real-world organisational problems.

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