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Graduate Diploma in Finance
Graduate Diploma in Finance

Graduate Diploma in Finance Tuition

The Graduate Diploma in Finance is made up of four courses.

If you apply for the whole programme you will receive your study materials and tuition service for all four courses.

Our tuition service is also available for individual courses. This may be useful if you wish to enhance your knowledge in a specific area of your studies. You can register for additional teaching support directly through our website. Please ensure that you are already enrolled onto one of our Graduate Diploma programmes and have your student number ready, so we can check your eligibility.

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Course details

  • Corporate Finance
    This course is aimed at students who are interested in understanding asset pricing and corporate finance. It provides a theoretical framework used to address issues in project appraisal and financing, the pricing of risk, securities valuation, market efficiency, capital structure, and mergers and acquisitions. It provides students with the tools required for further studies in financial intermediation and investments.
  • Financial Intermediation
    This is a dynamic subject which aims to provide insights into and understanding of theories and practices relating to financial intermediation and the risk management techniques currently being used in major banks throughout the world. It helps students to gain an understanding of recent developments in financial risk management and regulation, including credit risk models, securitisation, derivative instruments and capital adequacy.
  • Investment Management
    This course provides an overview of institutional details linked to financial markets and the trading process Students will be introduced to historical trends, innovations in financial instruments and trading processes and various financial instruments. It offers insight into the use of finance theory in investment management and provides a guide to the measurement and analysis of risk of financial investments and the measurement of performance of fund management. Moreover, the course addresses key issues in risk management.
  • Valuations & Securities Analysis
  • This course provide insights and understanding of security analysis and valuation from 
  • both theoretical and empirical perspectives. It is aimed at students who are interested in 
  • equity research, corporate finance and fund management.

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