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Graduate Diploma in E-Business & Social Media
Graduate Diploma in E-Business & Social Media

E-Business & Social Media Graduate Diploma Study Materials

For the Graduate Diplomas, subject guides and reading lists are provided to study independently and flexibly wherever you are – at work, at home or while travelling. Additional tutorial support is available via our user-friendly online learning platform. Here, you can engage in dialogue with tutors and develop and negotiate conclusion with other students, which are key components in the acquisition of knowledge, understanding and transferable skills. 

The written study materials are developed by academics appointed by LSE. They guide you through the textbooks and provide you with individual teaching and feedback. 

Study materials include:

  • a Programme handbook containing practical information and advice such as how to enter for exams
  • a Subject guide for each course, designed to guide you through the syllabus and offer advice on how to use textbooks in an organised and productive manner.
  • past exam papers and Examiners' commentaries which are updated annually and available to download. These provide an insight into how questions should have been tackled and outline common mistakes made by students in the past. Copies of the most recent exam papers and Examiners’ commentaries are available for reference here. A fuller back catalogue is available for all registered students through the VLE.

Study materials are made available after registration and on payment of the applicable fee. We also provide all students with a student registration card.

Individual teaching and feedback by expert tutors

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