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Graduate Diploma in E-Business & Social Media
Graduate Diploma in E-Business & Social Media

Graduate Diploma in E-Business & Social Media Online

A Graduate Diploma is a qualification in its own right and equivalent to one year of a degree. It is designed to extend the depth of your previous undergraduate studies or to familiarise yourself with a new subject area.

The Graduate Diploma in E-Business and Social Media is aimed at graduates who wish to:

  • advance their careers through the implementation and management of e-business and social media
  • access cutting-edge study materials developed by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), ranked second in the world for management and social science subjects (QS 2017)
  • study as part of a dynamic online community of fellow students and expert tutors, who provide individual feedback and exam preparation; learn more about our tutors by visiting their profiles
  • fit their studies around their professional and personal commitments by studying flexibly and online from wherever they are at a time that is suitable

This programme will enable you to be positioned for success in the global digital economy and to become an innovator in digital business. You will gain an understanding of how successful companies are taking advantage of digital technologies, as well as an understanding of the associated challenges and risks. 

Digital infrastructures, e-business and social media are transforming markets and everyday life across the globe. They are providing opportunities for start-ups to develop and for traditional organisations to make huge gains in efficiency while moving closer to their customers. As the digitalisation of the economy advances, business professionals are required to have knowledge and understanding of digital infrastructures and online business, and the potential for innovation and change they bring.

Rather than focusing on the technical aspects of digital business, this programme discusses the management, strategic and social aspects of e-business and social media. It provides the skills needed by managers to grab business opportunities and to solve organisational problems using the new generation of information and communications technology (ICT).

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