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Graduate Diploma in Digital Innovation
Graduate Diploma in Digital Innovation

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The Graduate Diploma in Digital Innovation is made up of four courses.

If you apply for the whole programme you will receive your study materials and tuition service for all four courses. 

Our tuition service is also available for individual courses. This may be useful if you wish to enhance your knowledge in a specific area of your studies. You can register for additional teaching support directly through our website. Please ensure that you are already enrolled onto one of our Graduate Diploma programmes and have your student number ready, so we can check your eligibility.

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  • Information Systems Management
    This course provides the fundamental concepts needed to understand information technology management in organisations from the perspectives of information systems theory, organisation theory and economics. It also introduces critical ideas in project management related to the use and implementation of information technology in organisations. Moreover, the course overviews the most common strategies associated with ICT management and the tools used to manage these strategies. These are contrasted with organisational issues such as structure, planning and control and deployment framework. Finally, the course provides a holistic view of benefit management and information systems strategy alignment.
  • Innovating Digital Systems and Services
    This course covers methods, values, attitudes and techniques for building complex digital systems for business and society. It introduces and familiarise students with the overarching concerns when innovating digital systems and services within organisational contexts. The course provides students with an experience of the way methods and techniques are applied in practice (this is achieved through the individual innovation project work).
  • Management and Innovation of eBusiness
    This course analyses the growth of e-business and critically assess relevant e-business models, using theories from business, management and the social sciences It combines transaction cost economics with a decade’s experience of e-business development to discuss e-business trends and strategies. It considers the organisational, managerial, technological and theoretical aspects of e-business and how these elements can be combined to produce innovation in business models, processes and products.
  • Research Project in Digital Innovation
    This course provides students with an opportunity to develop their research skills and to present a substantial piece of original work based on academic approaches applied within the field of information systems.

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