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Current students

Tuition service

CEG ONLINE offers individual teaching support for Graduate Diploma students. If you wish to supplement your independent study and to access our online learning platform you can register for tuition on our website. Just select the courses you wish to receive tuition for by visiting the "Study options" page of each programme.

Tuition for Graduate Diploma in Economics

Tuition for Graduate Diploma in Management

Tuition for Graduate Diploma in Finance

Tuition for Graduate Diploma in E-Business & Social Media

Tuition for Graduate Diploma in Digital Innovation

Tuition is available for all four courses within the Graduate Diploma programmes or for individual modules. This may be useful if you wish to enhance your knowledge in a specific area of your studies. In order to check your eligibility you will need to supply your University of London student number. Please ensure that you have your student number ready. If you don’t know your student number please contact us.

If you wish to access our tuition service but are not enrolled onto a Graduate Diploma programme yet please follow the instructions for new students.

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