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"I chose to study the Graduate Diploma in Economics through the University of London because it's flexible. It’s also got a great, great brand. I love the fact that the LSE provides the academic direction."
Perry Jackson, Graduate Diploma in Economics, New Zealand


Teaching Support by Tutors

As a recognised centre for the University of London International Programmes, the tutors teaching, and supporting your study with CEG ONLINE have been chosen as the very best to help you succeed. This is due to their depth of knowledge, experience of online teaching, their passion for the course content and their desire to help you succeed.

Under LSE’s academic direction, your course will be taught by individuals who will draw from their study, research, teaching, work and travel to help you learn and grow your knowledge.

As experienced advocates of online teaching and learning you will also benefit from their enthusiasm, keeping you motivated to do your very best and achieve your goals.

These tutors will lead you through your course, supporting you as required and giving you feedback to enhance your understanding and prepare you for your exams.


  • Dr Tassos Petrou

    Dr Tassos Petrou

    Tutor for Graduate Diploma in E-Business and Social Media

    Course: Digital Infrastructures for Business

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    Tassos has had a 20 year career in senior management roles in Education, Training and Technology Management, during which he also earned a Doctorate. He increasingly worked online and his desire to mentor students so that they can work successfully with others online and learn in ways which enhance their individual gifts and skills for career mobility is as strong as ever.  Tassos is committed to ensuring his knowledge is as current as possible so that he can share his understanding and help students develop their own expertise.

    A few key highlights
    1. Tassos’ first job was as a Business Continuity Manager, a role he enjoyed for 6 years, as it provided opportunities for formation and application of different skills
    2. At 28, Tassos was the youngest academic unit coordinator in charge of training, systems documentation and help desk management.
    3. His MBA opened doors both in terms of his work as he became Head of E-Learning but also his ability to solve problems and work with others
    4. Tassos’ has developed 3 different online MSc programmes 
    Main piece of advice?
    • Work hard and smart. Use all the available tools and technologies to organise your work and keep track of your learning.
    What would Tassos do with unlimited budget and time?

    Explore issues of collective strategy among IT professionals at local and national levels. He would also conduct empirical, ethnographic research in companies to learn more about organic and inorganic strategies for infrastructure development. 

  • Dr Angeliki Papasava

    Dr Angeliki Papasava

    Tutor for Graduate Diploma in Management

    Course: Business Management in a Global Context

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    Angeliki is a Greek academic and entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in teaching Management at various university levels both face-to-face and online at a number of European universities. She has completed a PhD at the International School of Management and has started her own companies in Greece and Bulgaria and worked for multinational ICT companies travelling around the world. It is this experience combined with her passion for International Management and Entrepreneurship that ensures she is well placed to tutor this course and give her students the very best learning journey.

    A few key highlights
    1. At the age of 18 she joined the family ICT business in Athens.  She became the Managing Director at the age of 32.
    2. Angeliki started teaching Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship as part of the MBA Programme at ISEG Paris in 2005 and remains a Visiting Professor to date.
    3. She has taught over 100 online modules with the University of Roehampton 
    4. In 2015 she founded her IT company (allBItech Ltd) baesd in Bulgaria that focuses on Business Intelligence 
    Some advice?

    Keep an open eye, an open mind and an open heart.  This way, when the opportunity arises you will be able to grasp it.  Always strive to become better individuals and to never give up.  If there is a will, there is a way!

    What would Angeliki do with unlimited budget and time?

    Angeliki would travel the world and explore different cultures and ways of doing business. She would visit successful businesses of all sizes and see how they operate and shape their dynamics. She would explore different management theories from across the globe and she would also consider how customers react to businesses in different countries and how teams operate in multicultural environments.

  • Dr Brian Wright

    Dr Brian Wright

    Tutor for Graduate Diploma in Finance

    Course: Corporate Finance

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    Brian has a PhD in Accounting & Finance and has taught finance and accounting at BA, MA, executive MBA and PhD levels at universities world-wide, giving him numerous insights into the different global skills, attributes and methods of approaching problems. His practical, problem-focused orientation and knowledge is sought after and he has regularly taught senior managers within global organisations.

    Brian’s research interests are directly relevant to the practice of corporate finance, spanning a range of topics, including empirical tax research and empirical asset pricing. 

    Having studied online himself, Brian is passionate about the benefits it provides and how it can develop knowledge and abilities in line with your career. 

    A few key highlights
    1. Brian’s MA Chinese Language, Business & International Relations was gained through online study with the University of Sheffield
    2. Brian designed and lectured two full modules whilst completing his PhD at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth
    3. Brian’s first published research paper appeared in the prestigious Journal of the American Taxation Association – and he was the first UK academic to have research findings published in it
    Some advice?
    1. Prepare well for the start of your course
    2. Try to relate what you study to the real world
    3. Find your passion for the subject
    What would Brian do with unlimited budget and time?

    Engage in a large international study of how companies are avoiding tax, and how they are shifting profits among their subsidiaries to minimise their tax burden.

  • Dr Dragana Radicic

    Dr Dragana Radicic

    Tutor for Graduate Diploma in Economics

    Course: Microeconomics

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    Dragana has a PhD in Economics from Staffordshire University. Her area of specialism is broadly that of innovation studies including the effectiveness of R&D and innovation policy in promoting firms’ innovation activities, areas relevant to discussion surrounding public goods, externalities and market failure. Her research often focuses on SMEs and this ensures relevance to the subjects of intellectual property rights and Coase theorem.

    Having taught online since 2013 Dragana is an effective and committed teacher who is able to draw on her extensive subject knowledge to support, engage and give useful, constructive feedback to her students. 

    A few key highlights
    1. Received scholarships for both her MSc in Economics for Business Analysis and her PhD
    2. Postdoctoral fellowship at Cambridge University
    3. Dragana received two “You are Brilliant” awards at Bournemouth University, nominated by students for going beyond their role in teaching
    4. Two best papers at academic conferences and five papers published in highly-ranked journals
    Some advice?
    1. Find a quiet place with a good internet connection to study and stay organised 
    2. Schedule time into your personal calendar to study and treat those blocks of time as seriously as you would a face-to-face class
    What would Dragana do with unlimited budget and time?


    • R&D and innovation policy taking into account spatial dependence
    • Public procurement and its impact on firms’ innovative behaviour
    • The impact of innovation and exports on firm performance
  • Maria G Marcos

    Maria G Marcos

    Tutor for Graduate Diploma in Digital Innovation

    Course: Information Systems Management

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    Maria is a PhD candidate in International Business Administration at the International School of Management in Paris. She has worked extensively as an academic within her specialisms drawing on her knowledge in Management, Leadership, Systems Thinking, Business Models and Simulation, the Role of Technology in Operations Management, Information Technology, Supply Chain, and Project Management to support her tutees.

    A few key highlights
    1. Maria has taught online since 2009. You will benefit from this expertise as well as her passion for teaching and studying. 
    2. Having studied for her own Masters online Maria is perfectly placed to support students who also recognise the beauty of studying and accessing support online. 
    3. Maria won the Women Back to Education Scholarship to study her PhD with the International School of Management, Paris, France. This is given annually to just one woman. 
    4. Maria was drawn to online teaching due to it facilitating her to reach a wider range of students with whom she can share her knowledge and experience
    Main piece of advice?

    Do not be shy. Contact your tutor to receive help for any questions or concerns.

    What would Maria do with unlimited budget and time?

    Work on Business Model Simulations to help organisations make better decisions and be able to justify and support investment in new technology or new ways of working. 

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